The Story

There once was a man with a million ideas. He had a passion for building things, creating experiences, doing things differently. This man’s name was Siebrandt Jacob van Moelberen. Siebrandt lived in a house in the woods, together with his parrots. He was a bit odd and isolated from other people.

Siebrandt travelled around the world on his motorbike with his parrots Coco and Louis, to discover and collect odd objects from local tribes and foreign countries. He send these objects to Horst and used them at home as his inspiration to build and invent all sorts of tricks and conduct bizarre experiments.

Siebrandt had a particular passion for the human eye and spent most of his time creating optical illusions. His other obsession was gravity. Years and years he spent trying to trick gravity, it became his life’s purpose.

One day he was working on an experiment and when he added his last ingredient to the formula, there was a big bang. Everything went completely dark, and after a moment, bright again. As of that day, we’ve never heard from him again… The story goes that he has been sucked underground and remains there to this day, working on his gravity theory ever since.

After this big bang, Siebrandt’s collection of optical illusions and foreign objects were found scattered all throughout the woods and we have collected them in the Mind Mystery museum for you to admire.

We also discovered his house, which has been up side down ever since that fateful day and we have never been able to turn it back. You can however walk through the house and have a taste of Siebrandt’s life in the woods.

We’ll never know for sure, but it seems like Siebrandt’s experiment worked; At Mind Mystery object fall upwards… So strange…

Mind Mystery One thing’s for sure… nothing is sure anymore