Are you willing to really see the world from a different perspective? Enter the topsy-turvy house to see this amazing experience with your own eyes.
Huis op de Kop van Mind Mystery.


The eccentric Siebrandt Jacob van Moelberen was a passionate inventor with a particular interest in perception, gravity and illusions. He travelled the world with his parrots, Louis and Coco, to discover all the secrets of gravitation. Siebrandt’s dream was to make objects float, let them fall up through the air and push them towards the ground.

After years of research and experimentation, the big day finally arrived. With every fibre in his body, he just felt that something exceptional was about to happen. Wide-eyed, he added the last ingredient to his formula. Out of nowhere there was a gigantic flash and an enormous bang – loud enough to shake the ground under everyone’s feet. This was followed by complete darkness.

After the explosion, Siebrandt was never heard from again. People say that to this day he is still trying to prove his theory of gravity in a different reality. Siebrandt’s many inventions were discovered in the forest, including several optical illusions he created, but also curiosities and oddities from faraway countries. We are pleased to share these inventions with you at Mind Mystery, where they are exhibited to test your perception skills.

And Siebrandt’s house? After the enormous explosion, it was turned upside down and there is no way to turn it back the right way! We suspect that Siebrandt’s last test was successful, because since then objects have been falling up rather than down at Mind Mystery…


Don’t forget to bring your phone or camera for this dizzying experience! If you want to take a photo inside the topsy-turvy house, make sure both the floor and ceiling are in view. Next, digitally invert the photo on your phone or computer. Wow! Now it looks like you are clambering on the ceiling, just like Spiderman!

If you need inspiration or are not sure how to do this, there are lots of examples and photos all around the house, for inspiration.


Foto maken van Huis op de Kop bij Mind Mstery.
Alles op z'n kop bij Mind Mystery.

Facts & Features

A house where everything is upside down… is it an illusion? No, it’s reality! In this gravity-defying building, all the furniture is nailed to the ceiling. The topsy-turvy house looks like a homely place, but it offers a whole new perspective!

Huis op de Kop bij Mind Mystery.


Test your perspective on reality with optical illusions. Are you ready for a unique and educational experience? Mind Mystery turns the world as you know it upside down!


The topsy-turvy house has stairs. In addition, the building is at an angle of seven degrees. As a result, wheelchair access to the topsy-turvy house is very limited. That is why we offer wheelchair users an adjusted rate.

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