The park of illusions and curiosa

Siebrandt might not have been able to trick gravity (or did he?) but step into his house and you will feel a strange pressure pulling you upwards…. It’s out of this world!

Mind Mystery - Huis op de Kop

Ervaar het gevoel dat je in de ruimte bent…

Have you ever seen the galaxy, sun AND moon flash by? In the more than crazy Vortex of Mind Mystery you will move between heaven and earth.

Mind Mystery - Vortex

Hoe kom je hier nog uit?

Mind Mystery - Spiegeldoolhof

Mirror mirror on the wall… will you find your way to the other side? Find yourself several times, but be aware that the truth can hurt!

Very big or very small...

Big and small, tall and short all come together in the Ames room. Tired of being the benjamin of the family? In this special space you’ll get the oppurtunity to position yourself differently.

Mind Mystery - Ames Room Foto 1

Vergis je niet, hier is niets wat het lijkt…

Mind Mystery - Museum

3D holograms, water that streams upwards, paintings and games that completely make you question your sanity. Experience the world of optical illusions and your thinking will be forever changed.

Laat je verbazen!

Nothing modern or high tech, just some old fashioned but classic games for everyone to enjoy. Unleash your inner child!

Soms is het fijn om te ‘verdwalen’…

Behind the dark curtain exists a colourful and magical world. Take your time, relax… and enjoy!

To where leads the road?

Follow the footsteps in this mysterious path that will lead you to the Maasdal Mystery...
Discover, be amazed and mesmerized by this extraordinary phenomenon.